Why donate blood

You can make a real difference

What is a blood donation?

Blood that's taken straight from a donor. After it's donated, we usually separate blood into red blood cells, plasma and platelets in our labs.

How long do red blood cells last?

Red blood cells only last 42 days from when they’re donated. Australia needs over 1.7 million donations every year to meet demand: that's three every minute.

Your blood can save lives

Did you know one blood donation can save up to three lives? Just think about how many lives you could change by coming back for more.

How your donated red blood cells help

Illustration of an orange liver to signify liver disease


cancer and blood diseases

Illustration of a blood bag



icon of a heart


heart surgery and severe burns

Illustration of a stomach in yellow


heart, stomach and kidney diseases

Illustration of a navy blue bone


fractures and joint replacements

Illustration of a pregnant woman wearing yellow


help pregnant women, new mothers and young children

Illustration of a person driving a car


road incidents and trauma

Your blood donation essentials

How much blood do you give when you donate?

470ml. It's about 8% of the average adult's blood volume. Within 24-48 hours of donating, your body will have fully restored your blood volume.

How long does it take to donate?

10 minutes. But allow for an hour for the whole appointment, which includes meeting with a friendly staff member before your donation and having a complimentary snack and drink after.

How often can I give blood?

Every 12 weeks. If you're keen to donate more often, you can give plasma every two weeks. 

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